About Marnie

I have newly discovered my love of watercolour painting, after buying a $20 set of watercolours and two paintbrushes to take into hospital with me when I was being treated for severe depression and anxiety in November 2016.

After two weeks I picked up the paintbrush and – armed with some ideas from the web – started to paint. Prior to this I had shown no artistic ability, so I shocked myself and my family when I started to produce work after work. Possibly the location, possibly the time in my life, or maybe just for the first time I had something to express… my paintings expressed a whimsical side, and also some very emotive themes.

When I was discharged from hospital after a lengthy admission, I found it confronting being out – I felt very raw and vulnerable in those first few days – and this started the first of my #cantfly series – “If I could only fly…”  This series is very personal to me, in part telling my story and putting image to paper about my fear that, even though we may have wings, we might be forever tethered to the ground.

I’m strongly supported by my husband and my two little boys (who ask me every morning “have you painted something today?”) – so thanks upon thanks to them.

I hope you enjoy walking through my gallery, and take away something personal to you in each of my paintings.  Please contact me and let me know what you think.